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Corporate & Securities

We deal with Corporate Governance and securities, helping clients by providing wide range of legal principles and regulations that govern the formation, management, operation, and oversight of companies and the issuance and trading of securities and also aid in cases involving financial fraud, corporate governance, or disputes between investors and companies.

Real Estate Law

We uphold the interest of the client in matters related to real estate which include applying laws in property, buildings, land and air rights above the land and underground rights below the land. Also   helps them to navigate the complexities of real estate transactions, regulatory compliance, and dispute resolution.


Health Care LAw

We specialize in health law and assist clients by helping them to deal with the legal and regulatory framework governing the healthcare sector and offer a wide range of services and assistance in basic rights of patients, health providers, institutions, and organizations.



Insurance Law

We assure our clients by giving proper advice regarding various aspects of insurance, including the purchase of policies, claim settlements, and dispute resolution. We help them to understand the terms and conditions of insurance policies, review policy documents, explain key clauses, exclusions, and limitations, and ensure clients are aware of their rights and obligations under the policy



Construction & Engineering

We are offering legal consultation to clients involved in construction projects. We are assessing the client’s needs and provide guidance on relevant laws, regulations, and potential legal issues that may arise during the project. Some of our services are Contract Drafting and Review, Dispute Resolution, Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, Construction Claims, Licensing and Regulatory Matters, Construction Safety and Compliance.


Ecommerce Law

We ensure legal services to our clients in matters related to e-commerce Law, and the services we bestow in rules and regulations related to e-commerce businesses, platforms, protecting intellectual property, resolve disputes, drafting contracts and agreements, consumer protection and dispute resolution, taxation and GST compliance, cross-border e-commerce, regulatory advocacy, technology and intellectual property licensing.



We specialize in power and energy law providing a range of legal services to clients in the energy sector, including utilities, renewable energy companies, energy project developers, and other stakeholders. We provide services aimed at helping clients in contractual and environmental issues associated with the power and energy industry. Here are some ways advocates assist clients in relation to power and energy.


Our dedicated team help clients in various matters related with banking law. There is a wide range of legal services that we offer which include, Debt recovery, legal consultation and advice, Drafting, Dispute regulation and Due diligence.






Our team with expert knowledge in maritime sector ensure proper guidance and services to the client  in both domestic and international issues, maritime trade, shipping accidents, environmental concerns, ship arrest and more.


We ensure various legal services related to family law such as Marriage, Divorce, Adoption, Maintenance, Inheritance of the property. In respective of laws and regulation in Hindu, Muslim, Christian Laws our firm provide a quick and cost-effective remedies in resolving the disputes in a timely manner.




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