Maritime Law


Maritime law plays a pivotal role in regulating activities on the high seas and ensuring the smooth functioning of the global shipping industry. In India, a vast and diverse nation with a long coastline and significant maritime interests, the services provided by our firm in matters related to maritime law are of paramount importance. We have specialized team in maritime law in India offer a range of services that encompass both domestic and international maritime issues, maritime trade, shipping accidents, environmental concerns, ship arrest and more.

• Legal Advice and Consultation

Our advocates who are specialized in maritime law serve as legal advisors to their clients, offering expert guidance on various aspects of maritime regulations, compliance, and contractual matters, international conventions, treaties, and domestic regulations, ensuring that their operations remain compliant and legally sound.

• Cargo Claims and Disputes

Our team are well-versed in handling cargo claims and disputes, we represent clients in cases involving damaged or lost cargo, ensuring that their rights are protected, receive  compensation for losses.

• Insurance and Claims Management

Our maritime lawyers helps client to manage insurance matters related to maritime. We assist in obtaining appropriate insurance coverage, filing insurance claims in the event of accidents or losses, and negotiating settlements.

• Regulatory Compliance

Our expert team help clients to understand and adhere to regulations related to vessel safety, crew qualifications, customs, immigration, and other compliance requirements.

Our legal professionals offer essential guidance, representation, and expertise in maritime  to ensure that clients navigate the complex waters of maritime law successfully and uphold the interests of our clients.

• Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Our dedicated lawyers assist clients in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts related to shipping and maritime transactions. Contracts may include charter agreements, bills of lading, insurance contracts, and more.

• Admiralty and Maritime Litigation

We represent clients in admiralty and maritime litigation cases, which involve collisions, salvage operations, marine pollution, personal injury claims, and more.

• Salvage and Towage Operations

We specialize in salvage and towage operations by navigating the legal complexities of salvage agreements and ensure that clients’ interests are protected during these operations.

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